1. Distance is a weird thing. It can make you feel alone in a crowded room and yet make you feel loved in an empty house, just because you received a text from that very special someone. A lot of us see it as our enemy. You want to hold the hand of the one you love but distance forbids it. You want to feel the body of your other half against yours just to feel secure and safe but distance doesn’t want to hear anything. You want to run to their house when they tell you they are crying because you know only a cuddle could make their heart lighter but distance is here to tell you « so you’re gonna swim across the ocean and run 500 miles ? Don’t even try. ». But sometimes distance is also your friend. It gives you the opportunity to know your partner better than anyone who lived with them since their birth. It makes your love grow stronger. Maybe it makes you poorer because you have to spend a lot of money to buy plane tickets, but distance definitely makes you richer in every way. It makes you discover a new culture, a new country with breathtaking landscapes that you wouldn’t even have noticed if you had lived there since you were born. And sometimes it even helps you learn a new language. Distance is also here to remind you how much the time you spend together is precious. You want to make every second special and magical. Waking up by their side is not a boring routine, it is a gift that you cherish every day. And you know what’s better with distance ? The end. Do you often associate the words « end » and « happy » ? With distance, you do. And what’s great with distance is that its gift is eternal. You will remember until the end of your life how hard you fought to be able to hold the hand of the one you love whenever you want to and you will do anything you can to make your better half happy. You will never stop bringing them flowers without any special occasion and you will cook them delicious meals because you know how much they love it. You will put one hundred candles in your room with a trail of rose petals leading to your bed just to see their eyes shining. Distance reminds you that taking care of your better half is the greatest gift that will ever be given to you.

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